Vertex FNB 29 Radio Battery 7.2v 2000 NiMh: FNB 29 Radio Battery

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FNB-29 Battery


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FNB-29: This Kenwood FNB-29 Battery is Our Replacement for the Vertex Original FNB-29 Battery. Our FNB-29 Radio Battery Features 7.2 volts2000 Milliamps, Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMh) Chemistry. Our FNB-29 Batteries are Made to Meet or Exceed OEM Specifications and has the same Fit, Form & Function. FNB-29 Battery is also known as FNB29. FNB-29 Vertex Radio Batteries


FNB 29: This Kenwood FNB 29 Battery is Our Replacement for the Vertex Original FNB 29 Battery. Our FNB 29 Radio Battery Features 7.2 volts, 2000 Milliamps, Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMh) Chemistry. Our FNB 29 Batteries are Made to Meet or Exceed OEM Specifications and has the same Fit, Form & Function. FNB 29 Battery is also known as FNB29. FNB 29 Vertex Radio Batteries

Fits Radio Models: VX-500, VX-510, VX-520, VX-520UD, VX-530, VX-537

Compatible with:

VX-500 Radio Batteries

VX-510 Radio Batteries

VX-520 Radio Batteries

VX-520UD Radio Batteries

VX-530 Radio Batteries

VX-537 Radio Batteries

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