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Battery Clearance carries a complete line of Motorola Batteries, Motorola Two Way Radio Parts and Motorola Two Way Radio Accessories. All Motorola Batteries, Parts and accessories come with a full Motorola direct warranty. If you don't see the Motorola Battery you are looking for call 1-800-883-7001.

Motorola NNTN4190A Motorola Original Battery 1500mAh NiMh


$29.99   $14.50
12 Months / Motorola / 1500 mAh / i700 , XV2600 , I550+ , XV2100 , XV1100 , i550 , XU2600 , i500+ , XU2100 , i500 , XU1100 , CP100 , XTN Series , i700+

NNTN4190A: This NNTN4190A is a Motorola Original NNTN4190A Battery. Nickel Metal Hydride, 1500 Milliamps, 4.8 Volts. Also fits some NEXTEL PHONES. We carry a complete line of Batteries to meet all your Motorola Battery Needs. The Motorola NNTN4190 Battery comes with a 1 year Manufacturer warranty.

30 days

Motorola HSN4038 7.5 Watt External Mobile Speaker: HSN4038 Speaker


$60.50   $48.00
12 Months / Motorola

HSN4038: The HSN4038 is a Motorola Original External Mobile Speaker. The HSN4038 is 7.5 Watt, External Speaker, Water Resistant with remote mount and great for extreme noise environments. Fits Radio Models:  APX 6500, MCS 2000, PM 1500, XTL 1500, XTL 2500, XTL 5000 05

30 days

Motorola RLN5707 Battery: RLN5707


3.6 Volts / 12 Months / Motorola

Minitor RLN5707 Pager Battery:  This is a Motorola Original Minitor RLN5707 Pager Battery.  The RLN5707 Battery is a 3.6 Volt Nickel Metal Hydride Battery.  The Minitor V pager requires 1 battery.  The Minitor V Battery is also known as the RLN5707 and Minitor V Pager Battery.


10 days

Motorola NNTN4497AR Motorola Original Battery 2250mAh LiIon


$85.00   $48.00
12 Months / Motorola / 2250 mAh

NNTN4497AR: This NNTN4497AR is a Motorola Original Battery. Lithium Ion (LiIon), 2250 Milliamps, 7.2 Volts. The NNTN4497AR was switched to NNTN4497BR and NOW KNOWN AS NNTN4497CR. Fits Radio Models: CP150, CP200, CP250,CP140, CP160, CP180, PR400, EP450, CP040, NNTN4497AR, NNTN4497BR, NNTN4497CR

30 days

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