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Battery Clearance carries a complete line of Motorola Batteries, Motorola Two Way Radio Parts and Motorola Two Way Radio Accessories. All Motorola Batteries, Parts and accessories come with a full Motorola direct warranty. If you don't see the Motorola Battery you are looking for call 1-800-883-7001.

Motorola NNTN4190A Motorola Original Battery 1500mAh NiMh


$29.99   $14.50
12 Months / Motorola / 1500 mAh / XTN Series , i700+ , i700 , XV2600 , I550+ , XV2100 , XV1100 , i550 , XU2600 , i500+ , XU2100 , i500 , XU1100 , CP100

NNTN4190A: This NNTN4190A is a Motorola Original NNTN4190A Battery. Nickel Metal Hydride, 1500 Milliamps, 4.8 Volts. Also fits some NEXTEL PHONES. We carry a complete line of Batteries to meet all your Motorola Battery Needs. The Motorola NNTN4190 Battery comes with a 1 year Manufacturer warranty.

30 days

Motorola HSN4038 7.5 Watt External Mobile Speaker: HSN4038 Speaker


$60.50   $48.00
12 Months / Motorola

HSN4038: The HSN4038 is a Motorola Original External Mobile Speaker. The HSN4038 is 7.5 Watt, External Speaker, Water Resistant with remote mount and great for extreme noise environments. Fits Radio Models:  APX 6500, MCS 2000, PM 1500, XTL 1500, XTL 2500, XTL 5000 05

30 days

2280384N74: Minitor IV Pin for Belt Clip 2280384N74

CODE: 2280384N74

$1.16   $1.05

2280384N74: Minitor IV Pin for Belt Clip 2280384N74

10 days

Motorola WPLN4108BR IMPRES 6 Unit Charger 110V


$788.00   $598.00
Tri-Chemistry / No Display / Impress Charger / Six Unit / 110V / 12 Months / Motorola / XTS 3500 , PR1500 , HT1000 , XTS 3000 , MTX9000 , XTS 2500 , MTX838 , XTS 2250 , MTX8000 , XTS 1500 , MTS2000 , Saber II R , MT2000 , XTS 5000 , Saber I R , MT 1500 , XTS 4250 , Saber , JT1000

WPLN4108BR Radio Charger: This WPLN4108BR Charger is a Motorola Original IMPRES Multi-Unit Charger. Uses easy to understand lights to indicate battery status. The charger will communicate with your IMPRES batteries and recondition them when necessary. It will also charge standard batteries. The WPLN4108BR Battery Charger measures 6" x 17.5" x 11.5" and 110 volt. Through the use of advanced charging algorithms and automatic reconditioning, the IMPRES Smart Energy System ensures maximum talk-time and optimized battery cycle life. This smart energy system automatically reconditions IMPRES batteries based on actual usage, keeping them in peak condition. Talk-time and cycle life are optimized and the need for manual maintenance programs is eliminated. In addition, batteries left in the charger are kept fully charged so they are always ready when needed. This rapid-rate, tri-chemistry charging system will also charge compatible non-IMPRES batteries

30 days

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