APX 8000 XE Batteries, Parts and Accessories

Motorola APX 8000 XE Batteries, Parts and Accessories

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APX Listen Only : OUR Brand RLN6424 replacing the Motorola Original Receive Only Earpiece. The  RLN6424 Recieve Only Earpiece  is for use with HMN4101, HMN4103, HMN4104 Remote Speaker Mics. Our RLN6424 Earpiece  Comes with Clear Acoustical Ear Tube and Soft Rubber Ear Tip and 8 Pin Connector.  RLN6424 Radio Earpiece
Warranty12 Months Surveillance Kits/PiecesReceive Only Earpiece
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Th is APX6000 is a 3 Wire Surveillance Kit without the third wire. Through inovation this APX6000 Surveillance Kit comes with remote Finger PTT. The Finger PTT allows the user a hands free application while keeping a hands on situation. The APX6000 Surveillance Kit features Kevlar Reinforcement, Coiled Acoustical Tube, High Grade Transducers, Knowles brand high sensitivity mic, Wireless PTT with replaceable battery and a 3 Year Warranty (Warranty does not include the PTT Battery).
Clothing ClipClothing Clip Yes Return Policy30 Days
RLN5878 : The  Motorola RLN5878  is a Motorola Original 1 Wire Surveillance Kit. The  RLN5878 Earpiece  comes with Ear Hook, One Wire for Receiving Only.  RLN5878 Radio Receive Earpiece
Warranty12 Months Surveillance Kits/Pieces1 Wire Receive Only
This Xtreme Temperature Cable is a Motorola Original. The 30009402002 Xtreme Temperature Replacement Cable is for use with the NNTN8203 and NNTN8575 Speaker Mics.
Radio Model Speaker MicAPX 8000, APX 8000XE, SRX 2200, APX 6000 , APX 6000XE , APX 7000 , APX 7000XE Manufacturer Motorola
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This a Motorola Original APX Series Remote Speaker Mic Replacement Cord. The 3075336B17 Cable is also rated Submersible. The 3075336B17 APX Replacement Cord works with the Following Remote Speaker Mics: HMN4104, HMN4103, HMN4101. This is the cable only and does NOT included the speaker mic head
Warranty12 Months Manufacturer Motorola
The Motorola  NKN6508A  is an Original Motorola Replacement Cable. The  NKN6508A is the Cable  only. The NKN6508A is 3.5mm Threaded on both ends and cable length is approx 15". The NKN6508 Connects the CommPort to the BDN6676 or BDN6783 Adapters
Warranty12 Months Manufacturer Motorola
The Motorola  NKN6510A  is an Original Motorola Replacement Cable w/Palm Barrel Style PTT. The NKN6510 works with the NTN1624 and RLN6480
Warranty12 Months Manufacturer Motorola
The Motorola NKN6512A  is an Original Motorola Replacement Cable w/Ring PTT. The NKN6512A Cable PTT only. The NKN6512 works with NTN1663 and RLN6483 CommPort Units.
Warranty12 Months Manufacturer Motorola
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This Cable is a Motorola Original. The NKN6610B Replacement Cable is for use with the NMN6274 Speaker Mics.
Radio Model Speaker MicAPX 8000XE, APX 4000 , SRX 2200, APX 6000 , APX 6000XE , APX 7000 , APX 7000XE , APX 8000 Manufacturer Motorola
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This is a Motorola Original Speaker Mic. The NMN6271A Speaker Mic comes with outstanding features. The NMN6271 has the ability due to its Dual Mic Suppression pick up the user voice so you can always keep your eyes focused on the task. This mic is also rated IP68 which gives it the highest rated protection against being submersed in water. The NMN6271A also comes with Volume Toggle, Orange Emergency Button, One Programmable Button and Coiled Cord. This mic does not have a 3.5 female port for listen only devise
Clothing ClipYES Dust ResistantYES
The Motorola NNTN4188A  is an Original Motorola Body Worn PTT. The  NNTN4188A CommPort  is Only The Replacement Remote PTT Body Switch. The  NNTN4188A PTT works with NNTN4186A, NTN1625, NTN1722 and RLN6484.   The CommPort NNTN4188A Body Switch PTT with swivel clip easily facilitates remote radio operation. Activate by applying pressure anywhere on the switch with your hand, or arm. You must have one of the above mentioned CommPort Integrated Microphone Systems. THIS ITEM IS INTRINSICALLY SAFE ONLY WITH Intrinsically Safe Rated Radios.
Clothing ClipYES Warranty12 Months
This NNTN8092A Radio Battery is a Motorola Original IMPRES Battery. The NNTN8092A Features Ruggedized Intrinsically Safe and also is a (SHORT BATTERY). The NNTN8092A Battery is IMPRES Technology, Lithium Ion (LiIon) Chemistry, 2300 Milliamps. 3.39 inches Tall, 2.34 inches Wide, 1.65 inches Depth
Chemistry TypeLi-ION IMPRES Warranty12 Months
Motorola Original NNTN8575A Best of the Best Fire Fighters Aid. The NNTN8575A Speaker Mic  XE RSM (Lime Green) is the first accessory from Motorola with dual microphones that helps suppress interfering background noise. The NNTN8575A Mic  suppresses noise so effectively, you can be heard in some of the loudest environments--over pumper trucks, crowd noise and wailing sirens
aaa UPC615435211985 Clothing ClipSwivel Shoulder Clip
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This Button Clip is a Motorola Original. The NNTN8749A Button Clip attaches to the NNTN8271. The NNTN8749 allows users to slide their XE Series RSM into a Boston Leather Strap with the button back shown in image 2.
Radio Model Speaker MicSRX 2200, APX 6000 , APX 6000XE , APX 7000 , APX 7000XE , APX 8000, APX 8000XE Manufacturer Motorola
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The NNTN8844A comes with 6 Up Displays and IMPRES 2 Technology. The NNTN8844A is a Motorola Original Impres Charger. The NNTN8844A Charger is Rapid-rate, 6-unit charging system. With 6 Display, US Plug. The NNTN8844A Charger comes with the new IMPRES 2 Technology and will also charge the new Impres 2 Batteries
Battery ChargersAPX 7000 , SRX 2200, APX8000 XE, APX8000, APX 7000XE , APX 6000XE , APX 6000 Chemistry TypeLi Ion/NiMh
The Motorola NTN8988A is an Original Motorola Ear Straps for CommPort. The CommPort NTN8988A Ear Straps includes (pack of 10) for secure attachment to ear. NTN8988 will work with all CommPort Units which includes the APX and XTS Radio Series
Warranty12 Months Manufacturer Motorola
PMKN4012B: The Motorola PMKN4012B is an Motorola Original Portable Programming Cable. The P MKN4012B Programming Cable works with All MOTOTRBO Portables & APX4000, SRX2200, APX6000, APX6000 XE, APX7000, APX7000 XE
Warranty12 Months Manufacturer Motorola
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The PMKN4234A is a Motorola Original APX Series Impres Remote Speaker Mic Replacement Cord. The PMKN4234A Replacemt Cable APX & MotoTRBO Impres Replacement Cord works with the Following Remote Speaker Mics: PMMN4025, PMMN4062, PMMN4065, PMMN4046 and PMMN4069. Also fits Some MOTOTRBO Radio RSM'S. PMKN4234A RADIO PARTS
Warranty12 Months Manufacturer Motorola
The  PMLN4620B  is a Motorola Original Flexible D Style Receive Only Earpiece with 3.5mm plug that will fit any Remote Speaker Mic or Public Safety Mic that has the 3.5mm accessory port
Warranty12 Months Surveillance Kits/PiecesRemote Mic Earpiece
Motorola PMLN6125A:  The  PMLN6125A  is a Motorola Original IMPRES 1 Wire Surveillance Kit, Black.  PMLN6125A Surveillance Kit  is replacing  PMLN6125 . Take surveillance operations to the next level with this black receive only surveillance earpiece. This kit features a streamlined design and durable, rugged cables that withstand tough working conditions. A quick disconnect, durable and comfortable translucent tube enables easy sharing of this kit between shifts
Warranty12 Months Manufacturer Motorola
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