Si500 Body Camera Parts and Accessories

Motorola Si500 Body Camera

This Micro USB is a Motorola Original Cable. The CB000262A01 works with the battery charging tray as well as other devices.
Manufacturer Motorola
This Receive Only is a Motorola Original Earpiece. The PMLN7412B works with the Si500 Body Worn Camera. The PMLN7412 is NOT Intrinsically Safe. The PMLN7412B was also know as PMLN7412A and PMLN7412
Manufacturer Motorola
This Pin Backer Kit is a Motorola Original Kit. The PMLN7572A works with the right or left shoulder straps. The PMLN7572 keeps the shoulder straps secured to the uniform with 2 pins. The PMLN7572 is a temporary solution that allows the user the ease of attachement and removal. The PMLN7572A is also known as PMLN7572
Manufacturer Motorola
This Carry Holster is a Motorola Original Holster. The PMLN7698A works with the Si500 Body Worn Camera. The PMLN7698A features a 360 degree Swivel Clip and D Ring. The clip was specifically designed for use with Motorola shoulder straps or other style tactical vest Molle Straps. This PMLN7698A is the holster that comes standard with the purchase of the Video Speaker Mic. The PMLN7698A was also know as PMLN7698
Manufacturer Motorola
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This Power Supply is a Motorola Original Power Cord. The  PS000040A01 is the power cord for the NNTN8860 charger. The PS000040A01 is a US Plug. The NNTN8860 and PS000040A01 works with the Si500 Body Worn Camera
Manufacturer Motorola
This Micro USB is a Motorola Original Charger. The  PS000150A11 allows the user to charge your VSM on-the-go with this Micro USB wall charger with US Plug
Manufacturer Motorola
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