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Motorola RAE4167ARB


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RAE4167ARB: The RAE4167ARB is a Motorola Original UHF Low Profile Antenna. The RAE4167ARB is 450 - 470 MHz, 3dB Gain White Antenna. The RAE4167ARB Antenna Kit includes 3/4 Brass Mount with 17' foot of RG58U Solid Center Conductor Cable. These antennas are dsigned to direct the signal more towards the horizon, making them ideal for applications in more geographically flat regions where signal coverage is sparse and must cover a large area. If you need Only the Antenna please use order number RAE4167A. Compatible Radio Models:  ASTRO Digital Spectra, CDM750, CDM1250, CDM1550, CDM1550 LS, CDM1550 LS+, GTX Privacy Plus Mobile, GTX LTR Mobile, LCS 2000, MaraTrac, MaxTrac, PRO3100 Professional Radio Series, PRO5100 Professional Radio Series, PRO7100 Professional Radio Series, Spectra

Compatible with:

ASTRO Digital Spectra Antennas 

CDM750 Antennas 

CDM1250 Antennas 

CDM1550 Antennas 

CDM1550 LS Antennas 

CDM1550 LS+ Antennas 

GTX Privacy Plus Mobile Antennas 

GTX LTR Mobile Antennas 

LCS 2000 Antennas

MaraTrac Antennas 

MaxTrac Antennas 

PRO3100 Professional Radio Series Antennas 

PRO5100 Professional Radio Series Antennas 

PRO7100 Professional Radio Series Antennas 

Spectra Antennas




Antenna Two Way Radio Model Numbers

  • ASTRO Digital Spectra ASTRO Digital Spectra
  • CDM1250  CDM1250
  • CDM1550  CDM1550
  • CDM1550 LS  CDM1550 LS
  • CDM1550 LS+  CDM1550 LS+
  • CDM750  CDM750
  • GTX LTR Mobile GTX LTR Mobile
  • GTX Privacy Plus Mobile GTX Privacy Plus Mobile
  • LCS 2000 LCS 2000
  • MaraTrac MaraTrac
  • MaxTrac  MaxTrac
  • PRO3100 Professional Radio  PRO3100 Professional Radio
  • PRO5100 Professional Radio PRO5100 Professional Radio
  • PRO7100 Professional Radio  PRO7100 Professional Radio
  • Spectra  Spectra


3 1/2 inch

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