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Two Way Radio Headsets & Boom Microphones


Battery Clearance Carries a complete line of 2 Way Radio Headsets and Microphone Equiipment including: Behind the head, Single and Double Muff Set, Light Weight, Boom Microphone Headsets, Heavy Duty Style Headsets and NFL Style Headset and More.


$4.50 $5.99  

5080548E02: 5080548E02 is a replacement windscreen that fits headset boom microphones. This product offers additional hearing protection needed for consistent communication in noisy environments. The 5080548E02 is OUR VERSION Replacement Windscreen for OUR BRAND Boom Microphone. The 5080548E02 works with OUR BRAND HEADSET NOT MOTOROLA. 5080548E02 Radio headsets

12 Months, Battery Clearance

75012068001: The 75012068001 is a Motorola Original Headset Replacement Foam Ear Seals. The 75012068001 Foam Ear Seals are for replacing the Ear Seals on the Ear Cups of Radio Headsts

$19.00 $24.50  

This Headset Strap is only for Our Version Headsets

$209.00 $305.80  
36 Months, Battery Clearance

ENMN4016A: The ENMN4016A is OUR VERSION for the Motorola Original Medium-Weight Headset. The ENMN4016A Features Behind the Head Style, Double-Muff Padded Ear Cups, Can be Worn with Most Safety Headgear, Kevlar Coil Cable, Adjustable Headstrap, Noise Cancelling Boom Mic, Flexible Goose Neck Boom Mic, Hands Free, Oversized In-Line Push-to-Talk (PTT) w/Swivel Clip, Noise Reduction Rating 24dB, No Adapter Required Connects Directly to the Radio. 3 Year Warranty.

$229.95 $283.80  
36 Months, Battery Clearance

HMN9022A: This HMN9022A is OUR VERSION of the  Motorola Original Radio Headset. Our HMN9022A Features Behind the Head Style, Adjustable Velcro Head Strap, Dynamic Noise Cancelling Mic, Can be worn with some Hard Hats, Dual Ear Muff Speaker Cups, Noise Reduction Rating 24dB, Comes with Push-to-Talk (PTT) on Ear Cup and One with Clothing Clip, Can be worn with Either Ear, Flexible Boom Mic and Wind Sock to help limit background noise. Used by thousands of Construction Workers, Fire Fighters and Factories World Wide

$49.50 $71.50  
36 Months, Battery Clearance

HMN9046A: This HMN9046A is OUR TOP OF THE LINE VERSION of the Motorola Original Radio Headset. The Motorola Model has been cancelled so buy ours and save money and get the equipment you need. Our HMN9046A features Adjustable head band for extended wear, Kevlar Coil Cable, Over the head design with Single Ear Speaker, Adjustable boom mic and In-Line Push-to-Talk (PTT) . Works with Left or Right Ear. Does Not Support VOX.  3 YEAR WARRANTY

$259.00 $393.80  
36 Months, Motorola

HMN9050A: The HMN9050A is OUR VERSION HEADSET for the Motorola Original Heavy Duty Headset. OUR PMLN5320A Is one of the Best and Features an Over the Head Double Muff, Noise Attenuation Headset Designed for Extreme Noise Environments, Stainless Steel Cup Arms for Comfortable Even Pressure for Extened Wear, a Multi-Adjustable Noise Cancelling Boom Mic that Allows the Headset to be worn with the Mic Positioned on Either Side of the Head, A Sealed PTT on the Ear Cups, 180 Degree Gooseneck Mic Tip for Perfect Positioning, Disconnect cable to easily change out for different radio models or easy field repair3 Year Warranty

$26.00 $32.00  
12 Months, Motorola

3080384L77: The 3080384L77 is a Motorola Original Headset Replacement Cable. The 3080384L77 Cable fits HMN9021A and HMN9022A Radio Headsets. Headsets Shown in Secondary Photos are NOT INCLUDED in the purchase of this item

$2.00 $2.26  
XV2100, SP21, GP308 , MTX850 , MOTOTRBO™ DGP™ 4150 , XTS 4250, PRO5550 PP Trunking Portable , MTX·LS , CT150 , HT1250·LS , XTN600, CP125 , P1225 LS , MOTOTRBO™XPR™6500 , XV2600, SP50, GP350 , XTS 5000, MTX850·LS , MOTOTRBO™ DGP™ 4150+ , PRO7150 Conventional Portable , CT250 , MTX1500 , HT1250·LS+ , XTS 1500, CP140 , PR860 , MOTOTRBO™XPR™6550 , VISAR, GP88 , XU1100, MTX9000 , MOTOTRBO™ DGP™ 6150 , PRO7350 LTR Trunking Portable, CT450 , MTX8000 , HT1550 , XTS 2250, CP150 , PRO5100 Professional Radio , MOTOTRBO™XPR™6580 , GTX LTR Portable , VL130, XU2100, MTX9250 , MOTOTRBO™ DGP™ 6150+ , PRO7450 MPT Trunking Portable, CT450·LS , MTX8250 , HT1550·XLS , XTS 2500, CP185 , PRO5150 Conventional Portable , MT 1500 , GTX Privacy Plus Portable , VL50, MTX950 , MOTOTRBO™XPR™6300 , XU2600, PRO7550 PP Trunking Portable, GL2000 , MTX8250·LS , HT750 , XTS 3000, MT2000 , CP200 , PRO5350 LTR Trunking Portable , HT1000 , XTN446, CP100 , P110 , MOTOTRBO™XPR™6350 , XV1100, PRO9150 Conventional Portable, GP300 , MTX838 , JT1000 , XTS 3500, PRO5450 MPT Trunking Portable , MTS2000 , CP200·XLS , HT1250 , XTN500, CP110 , P1225 , MOTOTRBO™XPR™6380 , Replacement O Ring, Motorola

3280376E35: The 3280376E35 is a Motorola Original Replacement O Ring for Boom Mic Windscreen. The 3280376E35 is a replacement gasket  O-Ring for headset windscreen.

Compatible with Windscreen Part # 5080548E02


$24.00 $29.00  
12 Months, Motorola

4204004K01: The 4204004K01 is a Motorola Original Headset Replacement Adjustable Headstrap. The 4204004K01 Headstrap fits HMN9021A, HMN9022A and NMN6259A Radio Headsets

$6.75 $8.03  
XTS 3500, PRO5550 PP Trunking Portable , CT150 , MTX·LS , HT1550 , XTN500, P1225 LS , MOTOTRBO™XPR™6500 , CP200 , GTX LTR Portable , PRO9150 Conventional Portable, CP125 , MTX850·LS , MOTOTRBO™ DGP™ 4150+ , XTS 4250, PRO5750 SZ Trunking Portable , CT250 , XTN600, MTX1500 , HT1550·XLS , PR1500 , CP200·XLS , MOTOTRBO™XPR™6550 , GTX Privacy Plus Portable , SP50, CP140 , MTX9000 , MOTOTRBO™ DGP™ 6150 , XTS 5000, PRO7150 Conventional Portable , CT450 , XTS 1500, MTX8000 , HT750 , PR860 , CP250 , MOTOTRBO™XPR™6580 , HT1000 , VISAR, CP150 , MTX9250 , MOTOTRBO™ DGP™ 6150+ , CT450·LS , PRO7350 LTR Trunking Portable, XTS 2250, MTX8250 , HT750·LS , PRO5150 Conventional Portable , CP450 , MT 1500 , HT1250 , VL130, CP160 , MTX950 , MOTOTRBO™XPR™6300 , GL2000 , PRO7450 MPT Trunking Portable, MTX8250·LS , JT1000 , XTS 2500, PRO5350 LTR Trunking Portable , CP450-LS , MT2000 , HT1250·LS , VL50, MOTOTRBO™XPR™6350 , CP180 , P110 , GP308 , PRO7550 PP Trunking Portable, CP100 , MTX838 , LTS 2000 , XTS 3000, PRO5450 MPT Trunking Portable , CP88 , MTS2000 , HT1250·LS+ , XTN446, P1225 , MOTOTRBO™XPR™6380 , CP185 , GP350 , PRO7750 SZ Trunking Portable, CP110 , MTX850 , MOTOTRBO™ DGP™ 4150 , Windscreen for Boom Mic's, Motorola

5080548E02: The 5080548E02 is a Motorola Original Replacement Windscreen for Headset Boom Microphone. 5080548E02 offers additional hearing protection needed for consistent communication in noisy environments.

The 5080548E02 works with Part # 3280376E35 not included. 5080548E02 Radio headsets

Compatible with Replacement O Ring Part # 3280376E35 sold separately.



$23.00 $34.95  
12 Months, Motorola

53815: The 53815 is a Motorola Original Radio Headset. The 53815 features Sleek Comfort Design for extended wear, behind the head design with flexible boom mic. In order to transmit the user must press the transmit button (PTT)  on the Radio