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Two Way Radio Miscellaneous Parts and Accessories

Battery Clearance carries a complete line of Two Way Radio Miscellaneous Parts and Accessories to fit your needs. Our Miscellaneous Parts come in a variety and wide range to cover all different radio models, as well as adapter cables and power supply lines. 

$39.95 $55.80  
12 Months, NiCad

Bendix King LAA0193 Battery: The LAA0193 is Our Version Replacement Battery for the BENDIX KING Original Battery. The LAA0193 Radio Battery Features, 1400mAh (Milliamps), NiCd Nickel Cadmium, 10.0 Volts, Color Black

$43.00 $52.00  

Motorola 0104034J91 Replacement Cable Assembly for RSM PMMN4045. 0104034J91 Replacement Cable Assembly for RSM PMMN4051

$223.25 $246.75  

Motorola 0105956T85: BD PC CELL PACK ASSEMBLY 0105956T85. Please View  Number 18 on radio diagram for 0105956T85

12 Months, Motorola

The 0180358A56 is a Motorola Original 0180358A56 WALL MOUNT POWER SUPPLY (220V). Ships in 7-10 Days


$17.00 $18.25  
12 Months, Motorola

Motorola 0185180U01 CBL EXT SPEAKER. 0185180U01 CBL EXT SPEAKER

12 Months, Motorola

The 0280477U01 is a Motorola Original 0280477U01 MINI ANTENNA NUT. Ships in 7-10 Days


$1.75 $2.15  

The Motorola 0378372A01 is the Thumb Screw Replacement for APX & XPR remote speaker mics

$13.95 $16.00  

The 0580379B46 RUBBER GROMET 10 PACK  is a Motorola Original 0580379B46. Usually ships in 3-5 business days

$7.95 $9.00  

Motorola 0980683Z01 Jack, Audio. 0980683Z01 Jack, Audio


Motorola 0980683Z03 Audio Jack (Mono & Stereo). 0980683Z03 Audio Jack (Mono & Stereo) CP200, CP150, PR400 Series.

$3.50 $4.00  

Motorola 1305698V01 Motorola Label - A-B-C. 1305698V01 Motorola Label - A-B-C

$2.40 $2.84  

Motorola 1305872U01 ESC, CTRL, TOP, 16 POSITION, 1305872U01 ESC, CTRL, TOP, 16 POSITION